City Directory

City Manager
Joseph V. Warino PE, PS

Finance Director
Christine Clayton
(330) 533-1101

Deputy Finance Director
Kristen Ansevin
(330) 533-1101

Water Department
Susan Greco
(330) 533-1101

Zoning Inspector
Ted Frazzini
(330) 533-1101

Income Tax
Vickie Shook
(330) 533-1101

Chief of Police
Charles Colucci
(330) 533-4903

Fire Chief
Donald Hutchison
(330) 533-1531

Council Clerk
Patrica Bernat
(330) 533-1101
City Officials

Bernie Kosar Sr.

President of Council
Don Dragish Jr.

Council Members
John Morvay
Charles H. Tieche
Steve Rogers

IT Manager
Stephen Kolenich
(330) 533-4903

Public Works Foreman
Todd Beeson

City Attorney
Mark Fortunato

City Engineer
Dave TabakĀ (MS Consultant Inc.)